Energy Capital Cooperative Child Care operates under the cooperative business model, where the members it serves call the shots. 

The board of directors consists of principals from the founding partners. As operations of the newly created entity stabilize, the founding board plans to transition to executive oversight roles, and regular board members will be consist of parents whose children attend the child care center, as well as representatives from the founding partners and community supporters.

The board will supervise the director and set the strategic direction and educational offerings of the center.

President  Erin Huntimer, Basin Electric

Vice President  Christie Obenauer, Union State Bank

Secretary  Ken Miller, Hazen Public Schools

Treasurer  Darrold Bertsch, Sakakawea Medical Center


Kayla Olson, Coal Country Community Health Centers

Dale Johnson, Dakota Gasification Company

Brad Zimmerman, Coyote Station

Conflict of Interest Statement

The board has adopted and annually recertifies a conflict of interest statement, whereby individual board members disclose any possible circumstances that may constitute a conflict of interest.

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