Energy Capital Cooperative Child Care does not discriminate against children or parents from admission regardless of race, color, creed, sex, or religion.

A child with special needs may be accepted based on the ability of ECCCC staff to meet those needs. ECCCC is a group child care center and does not have sufficient and properly trained staff to provide individualized care.

To enroll at ECCCC:

  • Meet with the director and tour the facility
  • Complete enrollment packet prior to attendance which includes:
    • Child Information Sheet
    • Parent’s Statement of Health
    • Certificate of Immunization
    • Parent Contract
    • Emergency Card
    • Photo and Walk Permission
    • Sunscreen Permission Form
    • Infant Feeding Instructions (if applicable)
    • Infant Sleep Directive (if applicable)
  • Supply verification of child’s identity by showing birth certificate or passport.

These forms must be updated yearly, or as information changes. These records are required by North Dakota licensing regulations and will be kept confidential.

ECCCC will not transport children to and from school. It is the parents responsibility to arrange for City Busing to transport their child to and from school.

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